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Legal Notices


Artist's Ownership Policy

All designs, techniques, and directions contained in this web site are the sole property of the artist - Anne Flora - and may not be used, copied, or distributed without the artist's explicit permission.


Images Ownership Policy

All photos on this web site are the property of the artist (and of FloraWorks), or of the photographers who produced the photos for the artist.  These images may not be used, reproduced (in any form), or linked to without the explicit permission of FloraWorks, and of the photographers and models who contributed to the content of the FloraWorks web site.


Privacy Policy

FloraWorks will protect all business information provided by visitors to this web site with all possible security.  Your email address, and any other information you provide to us by using the "Contact Us" portion of the site will never be sold or shared with others without your express permission.


Linking to FloraWorks web site Policy

You must gain our explicit permission to link a web site to FloraWorks site.  This allows us to insure that our site is linked to reputable sites that will benefit our customers, potential clients, and site guests.